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by: Disneyland

A magnificent artifact hailing from the kingdom of nostalgia! Presenting to you, my fine connoisseurs, an exquisite Disneyland Railroad spike, oh yes! A veritable piece of Disneyland history, once embedded along the illustrious tracks of the fabled Disneyland Railroad.

Crafted with sturdy steel and measuring a respectable 5 inches in length, this remarkable spike bears the scars of time, donned with a touch of surface rust. But fear not, dear adventurers, for it only adds to the allure and authenticity of this cherished relic.

To enhance its provenance, I have secured for you, my discerning patrons, a coveted Certificate of Authenticity (COA) – a testament to its bona fide origins. This esteemed document was procured from none other than a former Disneyland Railroad Engineer, a true master of the enchanted locomotion.

You see, my dear friends, this illustrious spike holds a fascinating tale. It was bestowed upon the Engineer by an intrepid member of the esteemed track crew, united under the banner of Disneyland. Oh, the stories this spike could whisper, if only its inanimate form would allow.

Imagine, if you will, the magical moments it has witnessed. The delighted shrieks of children, the joyful melodies of adventure, and the dreams that danced along its very tracks. Truly, this relic captures the essence of the enchanted realm, encapsulating a bygone era of wonder and marvel.

So, my esteemed collectors of curiosities, here lies your opportunity to own a tangible fragment of Disneyland’s captivating heritage. Take hold of this railroad spike, embrace its roughened surface, and immerse yourself in the magic it still retains. Truly, a treasure fit for the most discerning of enthusiasts.

Format: Used
Condition: Good
Condition notes: Surface rust, very easy to clean
SKU: 66364

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