Order of the Red Handkerchief 60th Anniversary Celebration set


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by: The Order of the Red Handkerchief

Behold this exquisite ensemble, my discerning friends! Allow me to regale you with the tale of the Glass, Coaster, and Handkerchief set, a cherished artifact hailing from none other than the illustrious “Order of the Red Handkerchief” group’s momentous 60th Anniversary soiree.

Picture, if you will, a bygone era when the enchanting ‘Rainbow Caverns Mine Train’ attraction first graced our presence on that magical day, July 2, 1956. The very ride that captured our imaginations and whisked us away to wondrous realms. In the wake of its transformation, the trailblazing pioneers of the original crew banded together, birthing a veritable brotherhood that would withstand the test of time.

Crafted with meticulous care and unyielding attention to detail, this set represents the epitome of heritage and camaraderie. The Glass, an emblem of elegant indulgence, beckons you to savor your preferred libations with an air of sophistication and reverence. Allow it to cradle your favorite drink, as you join in the nostalgic spirit of “the Order.”

The Coaster, a protector of precious surfaces, is a steadfast sentinel against unsightly blemishes. Its design, bearing the emblems of yesteryear, transports you to a realm where every sip is accompanied by a swirl of memories and cherished stories.

Last but certainly not least, the Handkerchief, a timeless relic of the past, evokes a sense of refined elegance. Each fold and stitch tells the tale of countless adventures and bonds forged under the banner of the “Order of the Red Handkerchief.” A true symbol of devotion and unity, it embraces the essence of this long-lasting society.

So, my esteemed connoisseurs of exceptional craftsmanship, let this Glass, Coaster, and Handkerchief set transport you back in time, allowing you to bask in the warmth of the ‘Rainbow Caverns Mine Train’ era. Join the ranks of those who reveled in the magic, and become a custodian of the remarkable legacy that is the “Order of the Red Handkerchief.”

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SKU: 66442

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