Southern Pacific Daylight locomotive and tender – Lionel HO GS-4


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by: Lionel

The Southern Pacific Daylight locomotive and tender, a Lionel HO GS-4 masterpiece that transcends the mere realm of model trains. Behold, a 4-8-4 steam locomotive, resplendent in its excellence, like a well-crafted monologue delivered with the precision of a seasoned stand-up comic.

In pristine condition, this locomotive and tender duo is more than a mere possession – it’s an experience. The original box and papers are the script and program notes, enhancing the narrative of this locomotive’s journey. Admittedly, the box has weathered a few scenes, a touch of character, if you will. But fear not, the inside styrofoam is the supporting cast, flawlessly preserved for its role in this locomotive saga.

Identified by the code MPN: 56500, this HO scale marvel is not just a model – it’s a miniature stage, waiting for the curtains to rise on its next performance. So, climb aboard the Lionel HO GS-4, where every journey is a Seinfeldian adventure, filled with quirks, charm, and a touch of locomotive magic.

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SKU: 69746

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