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by: Marceline Emporium

Picture this, my dear adventurers – a charming, 3-inch by 3-inch refrigerator magnet that transports you back to the golden days of Walt Disney. A treasure forged from the very essence of Marceline, Missouri, where a young Walt first dreamt his magical dreams.

It captures the essence of Marceline – the weathered wooden sign that once greeted visitors to Marceline. It beckons with eloquence, “Walt Disney’s – Boyhood Home – Marceline Missouri – Welcome You.”

This magnetic masterpiece is more than just a trinket; it’s a portal to the past, a piece of Americana that will infuse your daily routine with a dash of enchantment. It’s the ideal companion for lovers of Disney and aficionados of that quaint Missouri town that helped shape the man behind the mouse.

Bestow it upon your fellow Disney enthusiasts, or grace your own domicile with a touch of Marceline’s charm. Pair it with Disney books to complete the ultimate gift, or let it stand alone as a tribute to the spirit of Marceline whenever you find yourself at home.

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SKU: 68601

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