1968 Walt Disney US Entertainment Executive Winner Official FDC canceled envelope


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by: United States Post Office

Picture it, my dear connoisseurs of fine collectibles. It’s 1968, a time of exuberance and artistic prowess. And amidst this vibrant era, we present to you a true gem from the world of philately. Behold the remarkable 1968 Walt Disney “United States Entertainment Executive Winner” Official FDC, an exquisite First Day Cover enveloped in the mystique of the Art Craft Cachet.

Imagine, dear patrons, the profound significance of this envelope adorned with a canceled Walt Disney Stamp, its cancellation bearing the indelible mark of the Marceline Post Office, located at the iconic 64658 zip code. Can you fathom the historical splendor of September 11, 1968? On that day the “First Day of Issue” marks were meticulously bestowed upon this masterpiece.

Now, feast your eyes upon the centerpiece of this magnificent envelope: a captivating portrait of none other than Walt Disney himself. Adorned with an elegant wreath, this portrait proclaims his illustrious title as the “United States Entertainment Executive Winner of Presidential Medal of Freedom,” a luminary who amassed an astonishing thirty-one Academy Awards during his extraordinary reign from 1901 to 1966.

Notice the subtle pencil writing nestled at the bottom – a testament to the personal touch of a previous owner, forever linked to the legacy of this cherished artifact.

And let us not forget to pay homage to its rightful place in the realm of philatelic glory. With a resounding resonance, this remarkable FDC holds the esteemed Scott catalogue number 1355, affirming its irrefutable stature among collectors and enthusiasts.

Embrace the allure, my friends, as you embark upon a journey back in time, encapsulated within the splendor of this 1968 Walt Disney “United States Entertainment Executive Winner” Official FDC. It is not merely a piece of history but a tangible manifestation of the enchantment that continues to captivate hearts even to this day.

Condition: Very Good
Condition notes: Light pencil writing on the front of someone’s name and address.
Publisher: United States Post Office
SKU: 66705

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