1968 Walt Disney “Showman of the World” Official FDC canceled envelope


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by: United States Post Office

Ah, my discerning friends, allow me to transport you back to the year 1968, a time when dreams and magic intertwined in the most captivating way. Behold, the remarkable treasure that awaits your gaze: the 1968 Walt Disney “Showman of the World” Official FDC (First Day Cover) Art Craft Cachet UA (UnAddressed) envelope. Picture it, if you will, adorned with a canceled Walt Disney Stamp, graced by the delicate touch of the Marceline Post Office’s cancellation stamp bearing the code “64658”, the ZIP code of Walt Disney’s hometown, and the prestigious “First Day of Issue” marks, an emblem of its timeless significance.

But what truly sets this envelope apart, my fellow seekers of the extraordinary, is its captivating design. Imagine, if you dare, Walt Disney’s very countenance, immortalized on a canvas of whimsical line drawings depicting the beloved characters that have captivated our hearts for decades. And there, my dear companions, perched upon a film reel, stands the iconic Mickey Mouse, a symbol of joy and enchantment, forever entwined with the magic of Disney.

Let us not forget the meticulous details that define this exquisite artifact. In small, light pencil marks “1355” appears on the reverse, denoting the Scott number, this treasured envelope carries the weight of history and the power to transport you back to September 11, 1968, when Walt Disney imortalized far too soon on a United States Postal Stamp.

So, my curious souls, let your imagination take flight as you lay your eyes upon this extraordinary 1968 Walt Disney “Showman of the World” Official FDC Art Craft Cachet. It is more than a mere envelope; it is a portal to a bygone era, a testament to the indomitable spirit of creativity and imagination that continues to inspire us to this very day.

Condition: Very Good
Publisher: United States Post Office
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