A Year of Disney – Walt Disney World Travel Advice for Spending Every Month with Mickey


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by: Amy Bashor

Every month for a year Amy Bashor drove, flew, or took the train from Savannah, Georgia, to Walt Disney World, sometimes solo and sometimes with her family, and she kept a journal of what she did, why she did it, and what she learned about getting the absolute max out of any Disney vacation.

The most important decision you can make when planning a trip to Disney is when you’ll go. Each month has its advantages and disadvantages. Pick the wrong month and your pixie dust won’t be as potent. No matter what month you choose, Amy provides advice and insights for enjoying your time at Disney World, with plenty of anecdotes drawn from her own trips.

A Year of Disney is no ordinary guidebook. It’s a diary, a tips compendium, and a planning guide, all rolled into one:
– How to survive the high cost, high crowds, and high humidity of a summer trip.
– How to plan “mission-based” trips, such as meeting every princess or attending every live show.
– How to avoid the most common mistakes that first-time visitors to Disney World always make.
– How to use the little-known “Purple Box” to avoid having to pack the same items over and over for subsequent trips.

Enjoy Amy’s many adventures in Disney World and follow her advice to make your own adventures just as magical

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SKU: 15381

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