40 Years in a Mousetrap – My Walt Disney World Career in Words and Pictures


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by: David G. Ackert

When young David Ackert took a job at Walt Disney World in 1975, he figured that he’d stay for a few months, maybe a year, to enjoy the Florida weather and the novelty of the new theme park. He never expected to be in the “mousetrap” for 40 years. But that’s what happened. In as a young man, out as a retiree.n those 40 years, Ackert went from taking tickets at the TTC to watching over dogs at the Disney kennel to helping open EPCOT and then finally to working at The Great Movie Ride and Star Tours in the new Disney-MGM Studios (when it actually was a film studio!).Ackert’s adventures and exploits include:Dealing with outrageous guest conduct ranging from horny senior citizens to threats of physical assault Dozens of celebrity encounters, including one-on-ones with Jack Palance, Audrey Hepburn, and a very young Britney Spears (who still owes him money for ice cream) Run-ins with exotic wildlife, including psychotic Chihuahuas and a mongoose-like creature found in a Magic Kingdom locker Dying over and over on The Great Movie Ride, and why Disney doesn’t allow Cast Members to “die” there any longer If you’re beneath the ears yourself, or thinking about it, Ackert’s book will open your eyes to the highs and lows of a life spent working for the Mouse.

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