Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland – What You See at Disneyland, but Never Really See


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by: Russell D. Flores

Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland documents and highlights the many obscure and unique details that are built within Walt Disney’s Disneyland. With over 325 full-color images, Russell Flores brings to life”and to sight”the many wonders that Disney Imagineers have thoughtfully placed inside the Magic Kingdom. Stories, trivia, and over a dozen quizzes are part of this unique and first-of-its-kind book. Learn about things that visitors often see but not notice when visiting Disneyland. This book will make all subsequent visits to Disneyland that much more magical and inviting.

Format: Softcover – Used
Publisher: Synergy Books Publishing
Pages: 193
SKU: 43520

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