Inside the Magic Kingdom – Seven Keys to Disney’s Success


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by: Tom Connellan

Disney is recognized and admired around the world. The company’s remarkable success comes from its ability to keep customers coming back again and again. Almost 70 percent of Magic Kingdom guests are return visitors.

Now, the principles that drive the culture and phenomenal success of Disney are disclosed in this fun, easy-to-read book. Based on interviews and discussions with past and present Disney employees, it reveals seven key lessons that can be applied in any company and provides powerful examples that will help employees at any level become more customer focused. You’ll learn:

– How Disney creates and sustains one of the most powerful corporate cultures ever
– Whos the real competition for Disney and your company
– How to get all employees to understand and believe that they play an important role
– The type of feedback that is even more damaging than punishment and how to avoid this common trap
– The special way Disney cast members learn teamwork and how you can put that into practice at your company

You’ll also learn many insider secrets that will make you a hero to your children and a fun traveling companion on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom!

Some of the lessons youll take from Disney’s powerful customer service culture include:

– How to track customer satisfaction like Tinkerbell and get real-time data and high response rates (page 70)
– How to use powerful methods like Disney’s “Guest Service Fanatic” cards and the “Spirit of Disney Award” to recognize, celebrate, and reward quality work (pages 87 and 90)
– How to best respond to a question like “What time does the 3:00 parade start?” (page 126)
– How to model your selection and training on such successful programs as “Traditions,” “Wish upon a Star,” and “We’ve Come a Long Way, Mickey” (page 139)
– How to create a feeling of partnership with outside vendors so they become part of your team (page 163)

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