Who Knew? Disneyland – Little-known Facts About the Happiest Place on Earth


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by: David Hoffman

During peak season the “Its a Small World” theme song plays an average of 1,200 times.

There have been four babies born at Disneyland; all of them girls.

Mad Tea Party is the attraction most responsible for causing park guests to lose their lunch. Cast members refer to this as a Code V, and to clean up the mess, they cover it with Barf Dust, a green, kitty litter-like substance that enables it to be swept up easily.

The final plunge of Splash Mountain sends guests 45 mph down a 52-foot drop, at a 47-degree angle making it the fastest ride in the park (by comparison, Space Mountain never goes more than 30.3 mph).

Written for the Mouseketeer in all of us, Who Knew? Disneyland delves into the curious quirks behind the happiest place on Earth to delight the first-time visitor and surprise even the most die-hard fan. Exploring every aspect of the park from its history and personalities to the landscaping, design, and architecture this collection of facts and figures, statistics and specifics goes beyond the obvious to reveal the tidbits we have yet to discover.

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