Walt Disney’s World of Fantasy


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by: Adrian Bailey

An illustrated survey of the magical cinematic world created by the Walt Disney Studios details the extraordinary animation and live-action techniques used to create their imaginative, innovative films.

This wonderfully huge art book on Disney has many large format pictures of art from the creation classic animated shorts, animated features, live action films, and Disneyland. The animated artwork is incredible with a wealth of inspiration sketches, background, and cels that are not in other books. The same goes for the live action films, and it was nice seeing that the animators created beautiful inspiration art of sets to be built.

And the Disneyland pictures are very special, lots of development and construction photos that were new to me, along with pictures of vintage attractions long gone like the big pirate ship in Fantasyland. One thing I liked about this book that is not always in the older books, is they actually name the Disney artists and employees in many of the pictures. Some nice pictures of Walt you may not have seen before. Photos of animators and WED imagineers like Fred Ward, Jack Kinney, Ward Kimball, Bill Justice, Bill Reed, Claude Coats, John Hench, matte artist Peter Ellenshaw, studio composer Oliver Wallace, and many more. Nice comments too in the book by artists, like Ed Babbitts’s explanation of animating weight to emphasize reality.

A special treat in this book, is the picture on page 243 of imagineer Yale Gracey in the Haunted Mansion with the Hat Box ghost audio-animatronics figure that for many years was claimed not to exist. Here is the proof it was created and installed, if only for a few months as the story goes.

If you decide to go to the trouble to get this book, you need to know that the later 1987 edition printed in Spain is actually MUCH better than the 1st edition from 1982, as they took steps to improve both the picture quality as well as the interior ink and paper quality of the book. Usually it is the other way around. A terrific book for any Walt Disney collector. A note for parents that this is an issue for, page 135 has the rarely seen uncensored sketches for the centaurettes in Fantasia, with anatomically correct top halves.

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SKU: 70867

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