The Imagineering Way – Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity


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by: The Imagineers

Famed for making dreams come true, the Disney Imagineers are world renowned for their incomparable creativity and their ability to turn fanciful ideas into reality. How do they do this? By approaching all projects, problems, and questions with the knowledge that they will undoubtedly accomplish the task set before them. Now for the first time, the Imagineers off a detailed look at their principles and processes that allow Disney to do what it does so well. Beyond paper and canvas, beyond wood, steel, and concrete, there is magic at the heart of every Imagineering project. In The Imagineering Way, the Imagineers reveal the secrets to creating an environment that fosters explosive creativity, with clear examples of how to adapt the most creative thinking in the world to your home and work life. The difference between the Imagineers and the rest of the world is that the Imagineers assume they can do what they dream.

Format: Hardcover – Used
Publisher: Disney Editions
Pages: 208
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