The Curse of Big Thunder Mountain – An Unauthorised Tour of Disneyland Paris’ Version of Walt Disney’s Frontierland

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by: Tadhg Culley

You have received an invitation, in the form of an oil-stained telegram, to a private, unauthorised tour of Big Thunder Mountain and Frontierland. Pack your bags for Disneyland Paris, France, and prepare for an unforgettably thrilling and mysterious adventure.

Your tour guide, dressed in a tatty, dusty cowboy outfit riddled with bullet holes, is a rootin’, tootin’, retired and bearded gunslinger. He tells you all about the infamous Native American Curse of the Thunder Bird that is said to haunt Big Thunder Mountain.

You feel glad your new compadre has some shooting irons on his belt. He assures you that there is enough time to explore the thrill-seeking attraction in full and hear some of its lesser-known tales. You will take the attraction as it is commonly ridden, in the runaway mine carts, while your tour guide rides shotgun, watching out for coyotes. But you will also get the rare chance to walk around the attraction as well—something that is not permitted to guests except in the rare occasion of a ride breakdown.

Next, your cowboy hat-wearing amigo will take you on cruise tours on board the Molly Brown and Mark Twain riverboats around Thunder Mountain so you can see the sights from the river. This last remnant of the American Wild West houses many spectacular places to visit. From the saloon, to the many restaurants, shops, attractions, to a train ride where you will see the entire Old West vista and many other focal points, there won’t be a mystery that will remain uncovered on your unauthorised tour.

But hold fast, since you will discover for yourself whether the curse that is said to haunt Big Thunder Mountain and Frontierland is true…

Format: Softcover – Used
Publisher: Theme Park Press
Pages: 132
SKU: 20112

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