Steam Trains of the World


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by: Bill Hayes

Steam Trains of the World 1981 By Bill Hayes Dust Jacket 1981 Indexed Mostly Black & white photos, a few in color.

Only a year or two ago this might have been regarded as simply another trip into nostalgia, but with the energy crisis in the world today, the study of steam engines may soon again become completely relevant to modern living.

In this book Bill Hayes traces the history of steam engines from their beginnings in the early 1800s, through their hey-day in Victorian times and the early twentieth century and up to the end of the era in Europe and North America in the mid-1960s. As well as providing an historical survey of the most famous engines in the world, like Stephenson’s ‘Rocket’, the American ‘Standard’ of cowboys and Indians fame and giants like the ‘Flying Scotsman’, the author explains how a modern steam engine works.

He takes a look at steam engines still in use all over the world, in Eastern Europe, Africa and India for example, and discusses the probable return of steam to the railways of the West, and future developments in this field.

Certainly, all the excitement and adventure of the past age of steam are here, but this book is not just for the romantic enthusiast but for everybody keen to find a way of dealing with the energy problems of today.

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