Hollywood’s Trains and Trolleys


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by: Josef Lesser, Marc Wanamaker

Hollywood’s Trains and Trolley’s relives the golden age in Los Angeles. The new book from the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation takes you along the trolley routes that connected the Hollywood studios from Boyle Heights to the Pacific Palisades. For the first time a book zeroes in on the trains and trolley movies produced only within a 30 mile radius of Hollywood. The single exception is the location of Railtown 1987 State Historic Park near Sonora, California. Explore the history of the trains and trolley movies with many never seen before photographs showing every aspect of production and location from the Squaw Man (1913) to Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). Roughly 75 years of movie making in Hollywood. The tale ends on the rail passenger car’s observation platform. Experience how Hollywood exploited the end of the train, staging action scenes and personality publicity on the platform. It’s all in one book with a colorful map of the historic and present-day studio locations and routes of the “red” and “yellow” streetcars.

Format: Hardcover – New
Publisher: Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation
Pages: 216
SKU: 101018

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