Everything I Know I Learned from Disney Animated Feature Films – Advice for Living Happily After


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by: Jim Korkis

From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) through Big Hero 6 (2014), Jim Korkis takes you behind the scenes of 54 Disney animated films. Nearly eight decades of Disney, in a book not just packed with trivia, but with life lessons served up by Disney characters, loved and loathed alike.

Beginning with the names not chosen for the Seven Dwarfs in Snow White and why Walt wouldn’t let Pinocchio kill Jiminy Cricket, through the cameo appearance of Rapunzel in Frozen and the importance of a full diaper in Big Hero 6, Korkis shares hundreds of stories about Disney animated films, and then the Disney characters themselves offer their wise, witty, sometimes wonky advice.

Animate your life with:
– Jiminy Cricket’s guide for doing the right thing
– Cinderella’s belief in a better tomorrow
– Baloo the Bear’s prescription for happiness
– The Beast’s hard-won definition of true love
– Want to live happily ever after? This book is your fun chicken soup for the soul.

Format: Softcover – Used
Publisher: Theme Park Press
Pages: 186
SKU: 28190

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