Ears of Virtue – Disney and the Wonder Within


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by: Charles E. Zitta

The Zastawits kids are looking forward to their first vacation at Walt Disney World. Mom and Dad have planned a week’s worth of fun. But then a mystical Imagineer decides that young Charlie and his brother Michael ought to experience some real magic—that might cost them their lives.

When Charlie dons the Ears of Virtue, a whole new world opens up to him, a twisted world populated by villainous Dark Thorns, piratical “captains”, weird creatures like baboonigans, and animatronics that come alive, from the cobras in the Jungle Cruise to the all-powerful Yeti. In this world, the park guests are as perfect (and oblivious) as concept drawings, and the danger posed to Charlie and his brother is very real.

Like a Saturday morning cartoon on steroids, this debut novel by Charles Zitta rockets from one adventure to the next as it explores the Disney World we see and the Disney World we don’t see, as well as the even more magical realm of Deep WONDER, where the Imagineers preserve their ideas—and where evil has taken root.

Perfect for young readers who still believe that a pinch of pixie dust can take you just about anywhere!

Format: Softcover – Used
Publisher: Theme Park Press
Pages: 236
SKU: 80416

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