Disney Details – An In-Depth Look at the Secrets, Details, and Backstories of Walt Disney World – Volume One


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by: Tony Lobuzzetta

Everyone knows that the secret ingredient in Disney magic is pixie dust. Everyone is wrong. It isn’t pixie dust that makes the magic, it’s details — the easily missed little things that together create your magical day at Walt Disney World.

Wherever you look in a Disney theme park or resort, there are details. Probably you don’t see them. During a busy day at Walt Disney World, who has time to look? Tony Lobuzzetta does. He came, he saw, and he wrote it all down.

In this first of two volumes, Lobuzzetta scours the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and two of Disney’s most evocative resort hotels for the backstories and the hidden secrets that make Walt Disney World a place not only of delight but of discovery as well.

Each Disney detail is presented as a micro-story, just the right length to read when you need to fill a minute or two with Disney lore. Photos enliven the text, and Lobuzzetta footnotes his sources so that you can do further exploration on your own.

The mouse is in the details!

Format: Softcover – Used
Publisher: Theme Park Press
Pages: 160
SKU: 21766

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