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by: Bob Gurr

Bob Gurr’s first book, How To Draw Cars of Tomorrow (by “Henry Gurr”) was published in 1952. He followed up with other books, including ‘Automobile Design: The Complete Styling Book’ (by “R.H. Gurr”) in 1955. In 2012 he released ‘Design: Just for Fun’ (by “Bob Gurr”).

His books in the 1950s were about cars, and so is this one – but it’s also about Main Street vehicles, parking lots trams, monorails, wheeled bobsleds and their track, flying saucers, Audio-Animatronic Lincolns (the President, not the car), track-propelled Lincolns (the car, not the President), PeopleMovers, Omnimovers, Jules Verne-style submarines, king-size King Kongs, sinking ships on the Las Vegas Strip, and various other things with wheels (and some without).

Gurr’s books in the 1950s taught design and technique. This book is about a lifetime of experience, with entertaining stories, eye-opening history, lessons learned, and some fatherly advice.

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