Build Your Own Disneyland Park – Press-Out 3D Model


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by: IglooBooks

Unlock the enchantment of Disneyland Park in a way you’ve never experienced before with Build Your Own Disneyland Park Designed for all Disney enthusiasts, this book lets you dive deep into the magic, right from the sanctuary of your space.

Ever wondered how the intricate corners of Disneyland come together? From the adrenaline-rush inducing Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to the whimsically delightful Mickey’s Toontown, get ready to explore, discover, and craft with a hands-on approach. Each page is a treasure trove of facts, vibrant images, and most importantly, press-out pieces waiting to be transformed into your personal 3D model of Disneyland Park!

This book promises a dual delight—enriching your Disney knowledge while indulging your crafty side. Whether you’re reminiscing past visits or dreaming of your first, this 3D model adventure ensures that the enchantment of Disneyland is always within arm’s reach.

Ideal as a gift or a keepsake, Build Your Own Disneyland Park: Press-Out 3D Model is a true celebration of creativity, nostalgia, and the timeless magic of Disney. So, why just read about Disneyland when you can craft, construct, and cherish your very own miniature version? Dive in and let the magical crafting journey begin!

Format: Hardcover – Used
Publisher: Igloo Books
Pages: 12
SKU: 70920

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