Amber Earns Her Ears – My Secret Walt Disney World Cast Member Diary


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by: Amber Sewell

My Boss, Mickey Mouse – Come read Amber Sewell’s Disney College Program diary and share her successes and her failures, her moments of delight and her moments of despair, and learn what happens when the pixie dust settles and the guests have gone home.

As part of her job, Amber not only had to flash a smile and chat with awestruck children, but also deal with amorous Imagineers, drunks in Downtown Disney, bleeding kids and hysterical parents, screaming roommates, conceited Cast Members, and power-hungry supervisors. Throughout, she kept her cool, chronicling in Amber Earns Her Ears what it’s like to work “backstage” and how Disney ensures its millions of guests always come back for more.

Even though the pay is low, the rules rigid, and the experience at times disillusioning, Amber still found her job magical. Her book is as much a coming of age story as it is a compelling behind-the-scenes glimpse of Walt Disney World.

Follow Amber as she:
– Soldiers through Disney’s extensive Cast Member training, including the famous Traditions class
– Struggles to master Disney’s picky procedures for food prep and quick service at Epcot’s Electric Umbrella
– Stands in the broiling Florida sun behind a cart selling Captain EO merchandise to the disinterested
– Seeks the reason why someone would stand in the broiling Florida sun behind a cart selling Captain EO merchandise
– Shares tips for how you can ace your College Program application and interview, and work for the Mouse yourself
– From private, after-hours tours of iconic attractions like the Haunted Mansion to hauling sacks of rotting food to a grease pit behind the Electric Umbrella in Epcot, Amber Sewell saw the Mouse at his best and at his worst, and tells all.

Amber Earns Her Ears is the first volume in the popular “Earning Your Ears” series. If you’ve never been in the Disney College Program, this is the next best thing!

NOTE: This is the second edition of Amber Earns Her Ears. It has new cover art, an improved layout, and a better edit. The content has not changed.

Format: Softcover – Used
Publisher: Theme Park Press
Pages: 174
SKU: 15840

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