1934 Walt Disney Big Bad Wolf Patent print


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by: Walt Disney

Ah, my dear wanderers of the whimsical world! Feast your eyes upon this remarkable treasure I present before you! Behold, the image that encapsulates the essence of the year 1934, a time when magic and mischief danced together like a merry waltz. Enter the enchanting realm of Walt Disney’s masterpieces as we unveil the illustrious Big Bad Wolf Patent Print!

Unfettered by the confines of a frame, this print transports you to a realm where imagination reigns supreme. Ah, the allure of a patent print! A relic coveted by the discerning Disney devotee, one who understands the true value of a timeless artifact. This, my friends, is no ordinary piece of art. Nay, it is a tangible manifestation of the remarkable minds that birthed the fantastical Silly Symphonies.

Gaze upon this exquisite rendering, meticulously crafted with every stroke of the artist’s hand. It captures the very essence of the notorious “Big Bad Wolf,” a character etched into the annals of animation history. As you trace your eyes along the intricate lines and curves, allow yourself to be whisked away to the land of “The Three Little Pigs,” where the wolf’s cunning schemes danced with the pigs’ resilience.

Unencumbered by the trappings of a frame, this print exudes a raw energy, as if the very spirit of the Big Bad Wolf himself emanates from its core. Hang it proudly in your abode, a testament to your deep-seated appreciation for the boundless wonders of Walt Disney’s legacy.

So, my fellow adventurers of the imagination, seize this opportunity to own a piece of Disney history. Let this print transport you to a bygone era of animated brilliance, where even the most fearsome wolves possessed a certain charm. The journey awaits, my friends, and this remarkable patent print shall be your guide.

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Publisher: Walt Disney
SKU: 97642

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